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The flowars at 
| me upptr right 

of the s<ro&n 

the number of ihe rgum you 
are cu-fently ploying. Etch 
while flower counts as <ne. 
and e«ch red flower taints 
as ten You and Dig Doc 
score joints in several ways: 

Each chunk of dirt 

Dig Dig digs ....,..,,....., 

GohlSrng fruits 

ami /ogglfts 


. JlOO 





{From Ihe Zucchini on, ihe sequence 
if food repeats it-elf.) 


Blowirg lip i'ooka. Si owing Up 

and Fygor from Fygar from 

above or below th* si da 

300 Surfoce 400 

200 ... . Top Level of ecrth *0O 

300. . . Second level d*wn .... 600 

400 Third level dovn .... 800 

500. .... Bottom level ...... 1000 

Droppng cocks on monsters 

(scoreper rock) 

One rronster - , 1000 

Two . 2500 

Three J00O 

Every awtra monster . 2000 


. 2QO0 


. 4000 

Bc-nus Sivos 

At 10,000 pain Is, 43,000 points, and 
every 40,000 pointi thereafter, you 
earn an extra life. 

T1H/JA ii] Iradafnark al l^xtiiL !i<..i;inflr|>. ~h s 
wi.vart ismnnufaLl-iitmi h* Atari, trr. \w uj&ini Hie 
TI99/*A r.-:,v±<-\,\\ vid H nor modi], sflnsorad, 
cun...ii,t:lp, gppcuiQd by Texas IrwIumeHli. 


A Warner Cct.t,p :a-ci: Company 1^ 
;:;■■ 1**3 Aran, Int. All rftiiU rossrvad. 
Primed In U.S.A, 

r rvvaxi r ovLxvirT r 'ir0^a^v 

Play the 

Original Arcade 
Classic in ^fcui 
Own Home 




=f r 


[ DD 


load the DigDug corlridge 
into your Tl S9/4A Home 
Computer, as esc plained in 
your computer owner's 
guide, and fim on your com- 
puter. Plug tie Joystick 
Controllers into the 
Con I roller Je:k. 

Press the F!H: button on 
your joystick Or the ENTER 
key to get th* Option Menu, 
Be sure the /LPHA LOCK 
key is up. 

Press the F..R: bullon on 
your joystick or the ENTER 
key again to starl the game- 

Dig Djg 'starts each gane with three livts. After he burrovs to the center of the earth 
an hi: own, use your fcystick to send hin where you want When he enters u tunnel 
where Pooka' is lurkini, the monster begins !o chase him. Explode Pooka qjickly by 
pressing and holding the red bullon, or ty pumping it repeatedly. Pumping fie but son 
just once or twice will :1un the monster ;o that Oig Dug coi slip post, Touchng Pooka 
whan he's not stunned will knock Dig Dugout. 

You an handle Fygar* n almost the same way, but dragors breathe tire, so be 

corefil If you approach him while he's looking at you. Attacking him from he side 
is worth more points tiors attacking from above or below. 

Another way to handle the monsters is to drop rocks on them, To do this, luinel 

underneath a rock whei one or mare monsters are chosinj you. It you're tuineling 
upwad, make o sharp xrn just before you reach the rock and let it fall on nam I If 
you'ff tunneling sidewiys, time yourself aa that the rock fills just as they rin 
underneath, 1 

Aftertwo rocks have, fdlen in any round a veggie or fruitappears at the center of the 
earth For ten seconds. I Dig Dug can gotble it up, he earns ext-a points. 


Each time Dig Dug finishes 

a round, he moves to the 

next higher l;vel. 

Press ihe Spcce Bar to pause 

during o garrs. Press ihe 

Space Bar again to resume 



Press the Plus key to select 

the level of dfficulty. 

But there's something very strange about Pooka and Fygar Unless you deslny them 
quicky, they turn into GHOSTS and move through ihe ground directly toward Dig Dug. 
As sosn os they enter r, tunnel complete If , they become stiid again, but whle they're 
still giosts. Dig Dug cai only drop rocks an them. 

The les I monster left in any round gets stored of Dig Dug end runs to the su'foce, 
tumirg into a ghost, if lecessory, to molte his trip as fast is possible. Once an the 
surf ate. he scampers It the left side of the screen. To cotti him. Dig Dug hes to face 
tawad 1 the surfote nirmelf- If Dig Dug dcesn'l catch the minster before he reoches 
Ihe left corner, the rauid ends. 

"DJG QHj, Paaita and Fygar ire created and 
deiigied by Namco Lid., maiutnclurL-c 
under license- b^ Alari, Irvc. 

rriMtetwf k <£■ Hamto IMS.